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Optimising organisation & processes

Veränderungen begleiten

Sustainability is characterized by value-oriented strategies and a holistic understanding of corporate growth. Through the introduction of management systems, strategic and operative goals can be pursued more systematically and improved by learning from mistakes while the wishes and expectations of customers, suppliers, dealers and, of course, our own employees are recorded and carefully considered. The requirements in areas such as quality, sustainability, environmental and occupational protection, health, safety and energy are all integrated into a single management system. As a process facilitator, we use our experience in project and change management to help you achieve your goals and find the appropriate level of participation. In cooperation with stakeholders, we describe processes, analyse procedures and parameters and, where possible, simplify them. Those with knowledge contribute their own experience and suggestions for improvement. Processes are streamlined and the organisation as a whole is developed further.

Achieving sustainable organisation

  • Analysis of the sustainable approach of strategy and management
  • Integration of ecological and social factors into business procedures and processes
  • Sustainability check
  • Energy analyses and concepts
  • Waste analyses and concepts
  • Recognition and consideration of expectations of key stakeholders
  • Development of corporate strategies for sustainable management

Optimising processes

  • Design and implementation of continuous improvement processes
  • Facilitated strategic and decision-making processes

Introduction of management systems (structure, controlling, audits, documentation)

  • Sustainability management (ISO 26000, DNK, GRI, etc.)
  • Environmental management (ISO 14001, EMAS)
  • Energy management (ISO 50001)
  • Health and safety management (ISO 45001)
  • Quality management (ISO 9001)