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  • wertsicht – Referenzprojekte Kultur entwickeln durch gemeinschaftliches Arbeiten

Developing people and culture

Recognising your potential

Have you made changes in your processes or in the structure of your organisation - but the improvements are not supported by employees and/or managers? Have you introduced a new management and organisational concept - with the results lagging far behind the expectations? Are you experiencing a general mood in your company which suggests mistrust and seclusion and which obstructs your company from looking towards the future? Does your company face a change of generations / management - where you would like to see a transformation in management that combines the tried and tested with the innovative? Join us in actively shaping the "fertile ground" for successful changes and developments - with our help, you can make the implemented and internalised culture in your company accessible and creative. We support you in understanding the existing culture and developing it step by step in the desired - and the necessary - direction. Actively contribute towards shaping a leadership and organisational culture that enables and promotes change at multiple levels. Because: Employees who can do it, must do it!

Designing culture

  • Develop your corporate visions, mission statements and values
  • Analysis of culture and values and their development
  • Analysis, conception and implementation of human resources development processes and tools

Menschen und Gruppen entwickeln

  • Systematic competence development and assessment
  • Training and coaching of executives
  • Team development, joint discussions
  • Conflict moderation, mediation
  • Learning and peer guidance groups
  • Large group events

Umweltkultur spezifisch stärken

  • Management of transformation for climate protection and climate change
  • Participation processes in environmental protection
  • Workshops on energy, environment, sustainability,
  • Motivational campaigns to raise awareness and promote a shift in attitude